August 4, 2009

pennsylvania spider

Can anyone identify this? It was found in a co-worker’s house in Swarthmore, PA. The picture doesn’t even do it justice. It’s giant. No- gigantic.



  1. It looks like a hobo spider, but being that it was found in PA (most hobo spiders live in the north west) could be a grass spider.

  2. I don’t know what it is but I found one just like it in my house.

  3. we found one just like it at the foot of our bed last night or early this morning around 5am.it was just about the same size as yours and i was told to kill it. so i havent been able to identify it either.6-29-2010

  4. foot of the bed spider Troy PA.

  5. yup…that’s the one…in the kitchen sink last night…now resides in a baby food jar (temporarily) seems to be doing fine in Myerstown Pa

  6. …ahh…also…lookin’ to find out what it is and, since I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these…wondering if it and/or it’s “friends” have the words “dangerous to humans” connected to it…remember the baby food jar…

  7. my daughter felt an object in the toe of her sneaker – thought it was a rock until she pulled it out-it was twice the size of the one in this picture but had the orange stripes on its legs–we got rid of it! really scared us! we’ve never seen a spider this big!
    about 3 1/2″ diameter-tip of leg to tip of leg. huge body-about the size of a quarter—wish we cld find its name–have been searching the web for PA spiders but no picture of one except this site!

    • You should’ve taken a picture!

      • think it is a fishing spider—about 7 mm in size-i do have the squished beast in a napkin and am taking it to work tomorrow to bug fanatics—it cld also be a grass spider—i will take a photo but it’s not quite in it’s best form):

  8. i live in northeast philadelphia and my back yard has a big tree in it but no grass all cement, the back of my house is covered with a gigantic spider wbe or many webs and well over 500 spiders in many sizes in it. yuck yuck yuck. have someone trying to clean it out. they do bite. i have been bitten myself and it itches like mad but it is also sore and it becomes a big bump.

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