WCL Summer Beer Tastings

June 30, 2009


World Cafe Live has been going a bit overboard with the number of beer events they’ve been hosting lately. Actually the whole region has. Once you’ve been to the Manayunk Brewfest is there really a need to hit the Iron Hill fest a couple weeks later? Most of the beer will be identical at each and chances are you’ve tried most of them before.

But WCL’s new idea piqued my interest. Each Wednesday in July and August they’ll feature brews from different regions of the U.S. so chances are there will new beers that you’ve never tried before. The BONUS is that there is also live music each night and I gotta say, the music lineup also looks schweet!

The highlight in my opinion is August 5th’s Great Lakes/Michigan brewery night– not because it’s my home state but because uber extreme Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales from Dexter, MI will be featured along with Ann Arbor band My Dear Disco, who’ve been making a name for themselves by doing nice remix work and performing some interesting cover tunes. For 25 bucks I’m all over that.

Check out the lineup and get tickets here.

Jolly Pumpkin is available in the Philly area in 25 oz bottles ($$$) only.

MP3: Franz Ferdinand/My Dear Disco- Ulysses (My Dear Disco Remix) (via Lets Sexy Fighting)

MP3: Kanye West- Love Lockdown (My Dear Disco Remix)

MDD covering one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs:

MDD covering Beyoncé (both videos lousy quality):


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