June 19, 2009

I’m finally getting around to posting details of my winter project. It’s my first new bike in like 8 years or something. Almost all of it was either bought used online or new from eBay. The frame was bought used from the Trexlertown swapmeet.

The frame is 60 cm Columbus Genius differential shape butted steel

The frame is 60 cm Columbus Genius differential shape butted steel


Scott aluminum bars stripped from my other road bike. Real brake lever stripped from my mtn. bike

Scott aluminum bars stripped from my other road bike. Real brake lever stripped from my mtn. bike

I’ve since replaced the front lever with a Paul E-Lever from eBay.


ACS Claws 19 tooth freewheel

ACS Claws 19 tooth freewheel

I was talked into going with a higher gearing than I wanted. I already had a large 52 t shimano ring on the front and nice, ROUND chainrings are either too expensive or hard to find. I’ll be replacing the freewheel with a 18 t soon. The ACS is pretty noisy and rough so I’ll probably go with a cheap Shimano.

Dura-Ace Cranks

I picked up these 72.5 Dura-Ace Octalink cranks at the swapmeet. I also got an Octalink bottom bracket but it was English threaded so I found a new Dura-Ace Italian thread online. The Dura-Ace isn’t a cartridge type BB like the rest of their line- it’s all exposed bearings so it’s gonna be high maintenance to keep in clean. I think I also over-tightened the bearings because it’s pretty noisy. The thing I like most about single speeds is the silent ride they give, so I need to take care of this soon.

The ring scratches shown in the picture are really the only blemishes on the frame.


I get flack from friends for putting Japanese parts on an Italian frame, but the frame came with a Dura-Ace headset already installed, and I’m already familiar with Shimano since that’s what was included on all of my older bikes, so I stuck with it. This 7800 front lever was found on eBay.

Dura-Ace track hub

Another reason I went with Dura-Ace is because I absolutely LOVE their high flange hubs. I think they’re beautiful. I got a set new on eBay; they’re plentiful and about 1/3rd the price in shops. The rims are Mavic Open Pro. Wheels are the only thing I’ve never built yet, so I had them done at Trophy Bikes.

Selle Italia saddle

Selle Italia Flite saddle- another new eBay item at roughly half the price. Same with the Dura-Ace post.

I think the final price paid for everything was ~$1,300. I would’ve saved the time and money if I’d bought a complete bike but there’s NOTHING available (in single speed at least) with high end steel and components.



  1. Looks sweet! I remember building bikes when I was a kid. Like car audio – whatever you spend you can always spend twice as much! Good work – dig the detail.

  2. wow man i’ve got the same bike in that awesome red color, but with campagnolo parts and not all fixie-fied. such a fast frame, i’m kind of surprised that someone would turn one into a fixed gear. to me such an operation is the equivalent of putting an automatic transmission and a four banger in a porsche haha. sweet bike though, i like how it has the chrome on the front and back forks, until now, mine was the only one i’d ever seen with that feature.

    • Yeah you know there have been alot of porches with “4 bangers”

  3. oh its a single speed, word up

  4. Mac Dreezy-

    Cool. Campy would’ve def. been much nicer but its hard to find and I don’t know enough about it.

    What year would you say our bikes are? I bought used so I don’t know. Some said 80s which I don’t believe since it has the wider 130 spacing in the rear. I’m guessing ’99?

    I’m pretty much switching all of my bikes AND my family members’ bikes to all single speeds. I hate the cables and derailers and floppy chains. Love the silence when I ride.

  5. Hi, great looking bike. I love all the dura-ace stuff on it. I was wondering what that MTB front lever was that you originally had on it? Looks pretty nice to me!

  6. That is a REAL lever I snaked from my old mountain bike. I had to put it back because that’s the bike my wife uses and it’s wasn’t too safe for her to ride with one lever! I also shouldn’t break up the pair.
    It’s a beauty. Highly polished machined aluminum. They don’t make them anymore and I can’t find a single picture of them online except for mine. I’ll have to get a better shot of them sometime.
    The Paul e-Lever is very nice, although it doesn’t have the stopping power that my old (and cheap) bike and brake combo have. I don’t know if it’s the brake, the lever, or the rim, or all three.

  7. Damn, it’s a lovely lever! I need one for my Bob Jackson, I was looking for a little slim silver lever just like that! I checked out the e-lever but I don’t like one fingered levers, their Love lever is nice but too expensive. I’ll find one some day!!

  8. hey i’m wondering about the dura ace stuff, do you want to sell it?
    how much for BB, crank and front hub??

  9. […] was the first accident on my beloved Guerciotti and I bent the forks pretty bad. (the wheel is fine, the forks not. Weird) Also tore up the leather […]

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