June 11, 2009

recycle batteries

recycle tonor cartridges

My job site has a used battery and toner cartridge drop off location so I carted over 10 used laser cartridges that were piling up in my office plus a huge box of dead batteries.

They probably end up in the trash dumpster but at least I feel good that I did my part.

Speaking of recycling, craigslist has GOT to be the ultimate recycler. Really. I’ve been using it so much lately to get rid of junk I don’t want and to buy junk (to replace the junk I got rid of) for a fraction of it’s original price.

In the past, say, three months, I’ve sold or given away: a sleeper couch, bike, patio set (just last night!), projector, lights, large format printer, scrap metal, a complete dining room set, coffee table, sandbox, and toys. I’ve bought a TV, a kid’s bike, bike parts, a scooter, a crib, a phone and a beer poster just to name a few. Sometimes I don’t even have to leave my neighborhood to make a transaction.

By the way, the craigslist scammers I mentioned before are way more prevalent than they were just a few months ago. I literally get a response to my listings within minutes, no matter how small the price, and I can always spot them because they never mention my specific item by name- they just say they are interested in my “items” and would I please send my contact info. Fuckers.

My buddy (who I won’t name for obvious reasons) spends even more time on Craigslist (and not all of it in the “men seaking men” category. Kidding.) In the past few months alone he’s bought 2 cars, a tree, paving stones, and gravel. He’s sold, I kid you not, an old Bowflex for over $500. Who the hell would want a Bowflex? Oh, and this I shit you not is true, but keep it on the DL: He just found a child to adopt on craigslist. Honest to God. He’s the master wheeler dealer.

I’ve got a bunch of old equipment at work that I can’t bear to throw out since most of it cost upwards of $10,000 when it was new. It’s a bit harder to get rid of… it’s even hard to find someone to GIVE it to. Some the non-science specific stuff is going to the annual Trash 2 Treasure sale being held this weekend.

Anyone need a perfectly good map digitizer? Cheap?


How ’bout a 36″ CRT? I’ll even throw in the cart. It ONLY weighs 900 pounds!

Mitsubishi CRT


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