Earliest acknowledgment of hip hop

May 19, 2009

Back in 1981 20/20 did a story on this brand new phenomenon called “rap”. While the rest of my high school was listening to the J. Geils BandLove Stinks album, I was listening to urban radio from Detroit and Flint.

This is pre-Run DMC people! I saw this when it first aired and have been seriously looking for it with no luck since youtube hit the scene.

Notice the lack of negativity except for the disdain for loud boomboxes.

Amazing. Thanks DJ Day.



MP3: Kurtis Blow- The Breaks



  1. I like the part about the origins of rap. Why don’t they call it Hiphop? I always thought the label hiphop came later… I like the reference to preaching. Seems like southern Baptist…

  2. I wondered the same thing, since the line “hip hop, da hippy to the hippity…” from Sugarhill Gang was rapped more than 5 times in the episode.

    I seriously remember most of this when it aired and looked for it for years.

    I also remember thinking that it was lame to consider that Blondie song as rap just cuz she psuedo raps and mentions Fab Five Freddy but he only appears in the video- he doesn’t actually do any rapping.

    I guess it takes a white artist ala Elvis to get us crackers to take notice!

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