Stones Throw @ North Bowl

May 8, 2009


Above: DâmFunk. The only DJ I’ve ever seen who emcees and sings over disco breaks.

James Pants

Above: James Pants.

Mayer Hawthorne

Above: Mayer Hawthorne. I should’ve wiped my kids’ dirty hand prints off the lens first!

Peanut Butter Wolf @ North Bowl

Above: The legendary Peanut Butter Wolf.

It was Philly’s 8th consecutive day of rain so the crowd was a tad sparse but it was $2 lanes night and $2 Genesee Bock.

Picture 2

Mayer Hawthorne did play live instead of only djing like was previously reported but he only did four songs. I told him the next time he visits Philly he’ll probably be headlining the TLA. He just made URB Magazine‘s “next 100“.

Peanut Butter Wolf’s interesting set was much different than I expected. He basically mixed mainly ’90s R&B video clips projected onto a giant backdrop. Very weird but still pretty cool. The set started with Barington Levy‘s “Black Roses”, went on to Dennis Brown then on to classic early hip hop R&B from De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, Janet Jackson, Boyz 2 Men, Luther Vandross, Midnight Starr, etc.

Embarrassing story of the night: (There’s always gotta be one!)
Wolf announced that gansta rap originator and Philly boy Schoolly D was in the house and that he was his boyhood idol. I wanted meet Schoolly and tell him a story so I pulled this guy over who I thought was Schooly and told him a quick story. After I was done embarrassing myself he informed me that he wasn’t Schoolly and wasn’t even from Philly- he was from Cincinnati and was a member of Black Street (who Peanut Butter Wolf also played) He said he was gonna work with Schooly on a record later in the year and he’d be sure to tell him.
Great. I’m a dork.

My story? I told him how I used to spin his track Parkside 5-2 all the time back in college in the Midwest. I knew all the words but had no idea what Parkside 5-2 meant until I moved to Philly and one day drove down Parkside Ave. past 52nd Street.
Philly hoods all love their corner. My former students never shut up about “3T0”-30th and Tasker.

Sorry, I don’t have any of Schoolly’s stuff. Here’s the B side to Parkside 52:

MP3: Mayer Hawthorne- Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out
BTW: He told me his LP isn’t gonna be out till September at the earliest.


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  1. […] last thing: Mayer Hawthorne is comin‘ back to Philly March 9 @ the same church with Nikki Jean from Philly’s […]

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