Back It Up People!

May 5, 2009


My office iMac’s hard drive died. I watched the beach ball spin for weeks every time I tried to do basic stuff like read my mail or surf the net. Couldn’t figure out what was causing it ’till I opened Disk Utility and got terse error message that said something like, “Back this shit up quick cuz, like, your drive is SOL.”

I couldn’t do a complete backup using Carbon Copy Cloner. Kept getting errors. Couldn’t back up to my 500 GB Lacie Big Disk because the power supply died. So I borrowed another LaCie drive and copied all of the folders individually. Our IT department replaced the hard drive and installed a fresh OS but told me they couldn’t mount the old drive to back it up, so I took it and plugged it in with my invaluable USB hard drive adaptor. Had to copy everything manually- library files, preferences, mail, bookmarks, application support files… but after a full day everything was back exactly the way I left it. All my mp3s (9,000+), pictures, FileMaker databases, saved passwords, and ten years of work files. Whew.

While I’m talking computers, I must share with you the applications I simply cannot live without (besides the usuals: iTunes, iChat, Toast, Preview):

1. NetNewsWire: Hands down the best Mac RSS reader out there. Safari? Safari blows.


2. Peel: Think of it as an RSS reader for your mp3 blogs, with a nice iTunes-like interface. Plug in your favorite mp3 sites and hit the Play button. A song strikes your fancy? Click the Download button. It tosses it in the folder of your choosing and opens it in iTunes. Done. MacLife magazine reviewed Peel and compared it to another app. called Songbird. I’ll have to give that one a try.

3. PasswordMaster: It’s no longer being developed but it still works fine in OS 10.5. I store every password and serial number for work and home. Keychain? Keychain blows.

4. CopyPaste Pro: Multiple clipboards, clipboard history. For thirty bucks ($20 with a coupon) its a no-brainer.

I’d be delighted to hear some of yours.


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