Randy Cain of the Delfonics

April 15, 2009


Randy Cain of Philadelphia’s 70’s ballad-soul group the Delfonics passed away this week at his home in Maple Shade, NJ at the age of 63.

Randy met founding brothers William and Wilbert Hart at Overbrook High.

Here’s the title track from their 1968 Thom Bell produced debut LP La La Means I Love You.

Cain left the group in the 70s and helped form the similar sounding group Blue Magic, but rejoined the group recently and the Delfonics continued to tour. I saw them perform this past Labor Day at a festival in West Philly.

MP3: The Delfonics- Break Your Promise

MP3: The Delfonics-Ready or Not Here I Come

MP3: Blue Magic-Sideshow

This isn’t the Delfonics, but another Philly group The Stylistics. It’s a Channel 10 news promo from 1982. (I confuse the two similar bands sometimes and I thought it was interesting. The Stylistics were um, “styled” after the Delfonics).


MP3: The Fugees- Ready or Not



  1. Like the bonus; L-boogie!

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