April Fool

April 1, 2009

This has nothing to do with April or fools but a funny story nonetheless.

Yesterday I picked up a prescription for my son and the label instructed the user to “apply to nares twice a day”. I have NEVER heard of a naras so I immediately thought it was a typo and tried in vain to to rearrange the letters and think of all the body parts it could possibly mean. Finally I looked up the word in the dictionary- lo and behold, it means “nose”. How come I never hoid of that before? Have you?

Anyway, it reminds me of the time in high school when I worked at Ideal Pharmacy for minimum wage, which was $3.15 and hour at the time. (How the hell did I manage to buy a car, pay insurance and gas it up AND buy beer and clothes making that measley wage? How dumb was I to put off college for a year to work there? )

My classmate and co-worker Mary Ann worked in the pharmacy and typed all prescription labels on a typewriter. One customer came in complaining about the horrible taste of the cream she was prescribed earlier. Mr. Dmoch, the gruff owner and head pharmacist apologized profusely for the typo. The label read “apply to food twice a day”.
Guess what it was supposed to read? Mary Ann got in even more trouble when she couldn’t hold her laughter in front of the angry customer.

That would’ve been a lawsuit today. I haven’t seen Mary Ann since then so I Googled her and got her contact info. I’ll have to send her this post and bug her to attend our 25 year reunion.

Yes, 25 years. That’s NOT a typo.

Oh- the word was supposed to be “foot” if you haven’t guessed by now. You must be as slow as me.



  1. Foot. That is a story that made me laugh out my nose. Really good one. Glad it wasn’t now — that would be a $40 million lawsuit. It’s so freaking funny.

  2. I love it! I forgot you worked at Ideal Pharmacy. Is that place still around?

    Thanks for the good laugh.

  3. Laughed out loud on this one.

  4. That made my morning!

  5. […] I also had it all through college. One time I fit six kegs in it (or was it 5? Could’ve even been 7), 3 in the trunk, 2 in the back seat. It was my “summer” car; I also had a “winter” car- a Chevette. Seriously- how did I afford such an extravagant lifestyle making $3.15 an hour?? […]

  6. Hey MATT! Can’t believe it’s you! Kim told me I better check out your blog. Honestly, I do remember that hilarious day so many years ago! Yes I’m going to the reunion – see you there!

  7. When I read your blog on the debacle at Ideal Pharmacy and you mentioned Mary Ann I suddenly recalled that she had worked there with you. Knowing both of you made me laugh harder than I can rememeber in a very long time (my husband also found it hilarious) Our kids & Mary Ann’s are friends so I called her to have her go to your blog…as I was talking about it I was still laughing. Very funny!

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