Where Have You Ladies Been All My Life?

March 23, 2009


How did these soul sisters fly under my radar all these years? It’s mostly late 60s early 70s soul, lots of it considered Northern Soul. Amazing stuff.

Here’s the best of the bunch, Dionne Warwick’s younger sister Dee Dee. How did Dionne get so famous when her little sister was belting stuff like this? She just passed away in October. Check out the drum breaks.

MP3: Dee Dee Warwick- Foolish Fool

Get her LP here.

Another Dee Dee and a Philly girl most famous for Mashed Potato Time. She was married to Kenny Gamble!

MP3: Dee Dee Sharp-I Really Love You
Get it here.

Brenda Holloway is so magnificent I couldn’t limit her to just one track. She was Motown’s forgotten artist, but it’s their loss:

MP3: Brenda Holloway-Every Little Bit Hurts

MP3: Brenda Holloway- Sad Song

Best known for her hit Clean Up Woman, Betty Wright recorded the way-overlooked 1968 album My First Time Around when she was just 14! Get the album here.

MP3: Betty Wright- Girls Can’t Do What The Guys Do

Here’s some great southern soul from Candi Staton, before she went gospel. From her best LP I’m Just a Prisoner.

MP3: Candi Staton- Evidence


From Melba Moore‘s sophomore 1971 album Look What You’re Doing to the Man. You’ll recognize the oft-sampled opening riff right away:

MP3: Melba Moore- Medley-Walk A Mile In My Shoes/Twenty Five Miles

From the Stax Record label, southern soulstress Ruby Johnson:

MP3: Ruby Johnson-I’ll Run Your Hurt Away

MP3: Zulema-Giving Up

Everyone knows the queen of soul, but not this gem:

MP3: Aretha Franklin-I Can’t Wait Until I See My Baby’s Face

Jackie Moore, from Precious, Precious, The Best of Jackie More.

MP3: Jackie Moore- Precious, Precious

This list is getting long so I have to wrap it up. Two more:

MP3: Margie Joseph- How do You Spell Love (from 1973 self-titled LP. Get it here.

MP3: Helene Smith- A Woman Will Do Wrong
Get it.



  1. Thanks for the great post. I know and love Brenda Holloway, Dee Dee Warwick and Betty Wright, so I am excited to look into your other favorites!

  2. Cool. I’ve found a lot of these ladies here: http://soulfuldivas.blogspot.com/
    Start at the oldest posts and work your way up. My favorite so far (which I mention in the post) besides Dee Dee, is Candi Staton’s I’m Just a Prisoner LP. AWESOME.

    Cheers- thinman

  3. […] Here’s a track from Candi I posted a few years ago. […]

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