Data Rescue to the Rescue

March 23, 2009


Prosoft Engineering’s Data Rescue II (Mac & PC) has made me a hero once again.
At least once a month a friends or coworker will mention that all their pictures stored on their digital camera inadvertedly got deleted.

JD had every picture of his kids stored on his camera going all the way back to Halloween. Every Christmas picture, every picture from their camping trip, all recovered with Data Rescue. (of course I have to look at them all, and man, I can’t believe the humongous of Christmas presents under their tree! I wish I would’ve saved the picture- you should have seen it).

The latest victim was my friend Yi Jiun. She just got back from hiking Machu Picchu in Peru. Her old camera screwed up and formatted the compact flash card before she could upload them. I took it to work, fired up Data Rescue from the CD, and within minutes, all 576 pictures were back. I asked her to take lots of pictures of the famous dry stonework– she took about 60!

So heed my warning: Upload your pictures from your camera often, and if you accidently delete them, buy yourself of copy of Data Rescue.

You owe me a beer, Yi Jiun.



  1. What can I say! You are the BEST. Do owe you a beer. Send my friend the link so she can see her picture being published.

  2. My Lacie will not send a signal to my mac. I downloaded Data Recovery but the lacie is not showing up as a choice of drives for the software to scan. Help!

  3. I never download my pictures. guess I should start doing it today!

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