Philly Beer Week Wednesday- Atwater Block

March 13, 2009

Somehow I managed to go to the same bar (Bridgids) two days in a row for beer week. My friends were going so I joined up and now damn glad I did.
I got to hang out all night with owner and head brewer and fellow Michigander Mark Rieth of Atwater Block Brewery in beautiful downtown Detroit (cough).
Mark is a typical Midwesterner: no pretenses, affable, down to earth, and funny as hell. He was pouring his 9.5% doppelbock Voodoo Vator, Vanilla Java Porter and Cherry Stout. Along with him was Chris Hosbach from Stockertown Beverage (pictured middle above; Mark is on the right).


Atwater also makes a wheat by the name of Dirty Blonde which we’re gonna be seeing a bit more around here.

We ditched my friends and walked over to Belgian Cafe to meet some other brewers who were there for the Hook & Ladder dinner. We got to enjoy music by TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb (pictured below, playing Fergie’s tonight)


Got to meet yet another brewer Dave Engbers from Founders (pictured with his partner below). I told him I am definitely visiting his brewery this summer. Then he headed off to South Philly to get a cheasesteak.


Also got to meet Kevin Weigum from Breckenridge Brewery out of Denver (below, with Mark) I couldn’t remember any of his beers off the top of my head (and none were on tap) but wish I would have told him how much I like his Batch 471 IPA.


The last person I met was High and Mighty‘s Will Shelton from Massachusetts.


I won’t bore you with details of the evening (that’s my way of saying “I don’t remember a thing”) except that almost every brewer I spoke with mentioned the growth of “session beers” (lower alcohol easy drinking beers) and the love of cans. Good and bad news to my ears because I’m still loving the hops, malt and alcohol but would love to see all craft beer sold in cans.

Oh- one last thing- you may recall when I’ve written more than once about bringing old brands back from the dead, right? Mark talked of bringing back his old favorite brand but I probably shouldn’t say which.

Today is Friday the 13th and that means Friday the firkinteenth at Grey Lodge. I’d better get going before they’re all gone!


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