My Ball

March 10, 2009


I thought this sad yet funny as hell picture deserved it’s own post.

Jackson’s sister had her 5th birthday on Friday. Since he’s only 3 he could never just sit there and watch as she opened present after present, so my wife did the right thing and bought him a present of his own. Lots, if not MOST of the crap they get will break within a day or two. A soccer ball is an exception, right?

He’s outside kicking it around the next day and within 5 minutes it rolls out into the street. A van is flying by and nails it instantly. BLAM!
It didn’t even stop. The worst part about it? It was a police van with two officers inside, and they saw us. And no, they weren’t on a call.

Luckily I had just lectured him on the dangers of chasing the ball into the street. That could’ve been his head!

MP3: Gregory Isaacs- Mr. Cop
MP3: Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry- Big Neck Police



  1. Holy crap, that’s a driver’s ed video waiting to happen. Sorry about his soccer ball, but good lesson…and what’s with the the Philly Popo? Don’t even stop? That must have sounded like a gunshot.

  2. Poor Jackson! Reminds me of the time Becky and David Jamison got in a fight and broke our Ganip-Ganop game the day after Cristmas. Rats.

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