Ballast Point Brewing

March 10, 2009

Philly Beer Week landed on the same week as my spring break, so I’m going to try to hit at least one event a day.

Sunday I was fortunate enough to get to Bridgids and meet the great guys from Ballast Point. They had a firkin of Imperial Coffee Porter and regular kegs of Black Marlin Porter and Big Eye IPA.


I was really impressed with their IPA when I had a case a few months ago from Bella Vista, their main distributor in the area. Unfortunately, the keg at Bridgids was bad and they had to rush out and get another. After a nice chat with owner Jack White and head brewer Yuseff Cherney I like the brewery even more. Some cool things I learned from them:

    They’re good friends with the other two big brewers from San Diego- Green Flash and Stone. They all started brewing beer together back in the day.

    They’re not new, just new to us in Philly- they started around the same time as the other two.

    Yuseff told me a lot of cool stuff about their pioneering neighbors Sierra Nevada which gave me newfound respect for them. (I also just read about this interesting new beer from them).

    The hop shortage is NOT over- on the contrary. I assumed it was over based soley on the amount of big IPAs back on the market. They said most brewers just decided to deal with the 700% price increase and continue to brew the stuff they like.

    Jack is originally from Pittsburgh and his older brother was Joe Paterno’s FIRST quarterback back in the sixties.

    They make many other interesting styles that just haven’t made their was East yet. They promised to have a double IPA in the Philly market by June. Can’t wait.

I was also able to make it to Saint Stephen’s Green to meet the esteemed Larry Bell. Owner Jeff Keel also owns the Bishop’s Collar. BOTH bars had 12 Bells on tap (including HopSlam) and both got a visit from his majesty.

Bishops also hosted a 5k beer run yesterday with Adam Avery from Avery Brewery and Sam Calagione of Dogfishhead. I got to try Dogfish’s Red & White and Avery Maharaja, one of my favorites.


Google doc of entire beer week schedule here.

Here’s an interesting take on the week from Philadelphia Turkey.



  1. Yum, however I still don’t understand how you can enjoy the delicate tastes of craft brews with a dip in. LOL

  2. […] that night I met the brewers from Ballast Point (two years in a row now) at Lucky 7 and got lucky enough to try their #1 rated Sculpin IPA on […]

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