March 4, 2009

mary-kate-duffyThere’s been a bunch of them lately. The most important being BadLuckCity’s second. Yep, this here site has been around for two whole years now. 242 posts, 308 comments and counting.

My first born is turning FIVE this Friday. Some would argue that her birthday might be more important to me than this silly blog, but I guess that would make them filthy liers.
PJ Sparkles PJ Sparkles PJ Sparkles PJ Sparkles PJ Sparkles PJ Sparkles PJ Sparkles PJ Sparkles PJ Sparkles!
Guess what she’s getting for her birthday?

A bunch of people hit the wall this year. The 4-0 wall. Friends Lisa, Charlie, Tim… fraternity bro William Quarterman II hit it just this past Sunday. MK hit it in November. Above is a ‘before and after’ at her party at Saint Stephen’s Green.
Man I’m gonna be bummed when I get there.

Tammy GURU hit 30 yesterday. She claims 30 is the new 20.

The Philadelphia Brewing Company is celebrating their 1 year birthday with a party at the brewery this Saturday and the launch of a new brew: a 10% ABV Imperial Stout awesomely named Shacka-maximum. As always they’ll provide the food entertainment and beer to all for free, plus they’re selling cases for only 20 bucks during the party. You’ll also get a chance to see their new pink pig lagering tank.
Saturday March 7, 1:00 to 4:00. I don’t know about you, but my liver could never handle this AND the Philly Craft Beer Fest the same day.

Speaking of beer, I still haven’t decided on which of the gajillion Philly Beer Week events I’m going to attend. I’m only allowed to attend one or two so I have to choose wisely… there’s just SO many choices and they ALL look fun. Let me know which one you’re hitting and I’ll just tag along. Last year I had the flu but luckily got that over with a week early this year (I was verticle all weekend- the mere mention of beer is still making me a little queezy but I’ll be over that in a few days).

Happy birthday to all!


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