A Chance to Save the City Pools

February 6, 2009


Great news: In a public-private city budget rescue effort, the Nutter administration yesterday announced a plan to have 30 city pools open this summer by raising $1.2 million from individuals, community organizations and businesses.

I’ve been listening to NPR’s fund drive for 10 days now and they’re almost getting to me… but I think my money will be put to more immediate use by donating to this welcome bid to save the city’s pools.

Take the time to donate here.

The official site for Mayor Nutter’s Splash & Summer FUNd is here.

Philly girl Jazmine Sullivan (from Strawberry Mansion) is up for 5 Grammys.

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been spending every spare minute spackling and sanding drywall for the basement den I’m building. It has GOT to be one of the most tedious yet backbreaking work I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot of backbreaking labor in my day. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel- I may likely finish this weekend.

I know this post is jumping all over the board but I gotta fit it all in now… or never:
I had the chance to FINALLY see local lad BC Camplight (Brian Christinzio) last weekend at a new venue- 941 Front Theatre. I shoulda skipped this show and waited till he played JBs again. The sound was pretty bad but he’s a great singer. Dude is from Philly but he’s much bigger over in the UK. His new LP is already released over there on One Little Indian Records. Check out his myspace page for new tracks.

bc-camplight at 941 Theatre


MP3: BC Camplight- Hide, Run Away
From his debut LP of the same name.


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