Center City to finally get an Apple Store

January 20, 2009

An OFFICIAL Apple store is in the works at the recently-closed Brasserie Perrier on the 1600 block of Walnut Street.

We already have Springboard Media on the 2200 block, and Bundy just around the corner on Chestnut. I know the owner of Springboard and he has assured me many times that he isn’t afraid of Apple moving into Center City because most of his business is made up of Mac client support services.

Although most of have been waiting a long time for Apple to finally move into the city, we really haven’t been hurting for one like other parts of the country, as a commentor wrote in the Appleinsider forums (I don’t really know why he felt the need to write each number AND spell it out!):

There are SEVEN (7) Apple Stores within 65 miles of Philadelphia. FIVE (5) of them are within 25 miles and FOUR (4) of those are inside of 18 miles. Two are within 10 miles.

I buy most of my Apple products refurbished so this really won’t affect me much, but the one time I bought a new Powerbook I got it at the Delaware Apple store, just to avoid the 7% tax.

I heard the old Mike Douglas Show, which I watched every day as a kid, was taped in the same building, so I’ll leave you with this:

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the Please Touch (Me) Museum is getting the actual keyboard featured in the movie “Big”.


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