No Top Ten

January 8, 2009

It’s too late to list my top songs/records of 2008… and there was a bunch.
In fact there was SO much great stuff over the year I guess it’s a good thing since I wouldn’t be able to decide on just ten and it would turn into a “top 67” or something.
I’ve posted a lot of my faves in the past anyway, so here are a couple more I’ve had in constant rotation:
MP3: Little Dragon- Constant Surprises

MP3: Little Dragon- Twice

Little Dragon. US neo-soul, right? Breathy, chartreuse songstress from Newark, no?
Lead singer Yukimi Nagano is a Swede of Japanese descent. Amazing LP.

Looks like I just missed them at the M Room on the first of December. Damn.

Dammit again. Lunch hour is over, so no time to list the remaining 66 songs. I’ll just have to leave you with these:
MP3: Deerhunter- Agoraphobia

I dogged Deerhunter after seeing them live last year. I take everthing back. Their latest (third) album, Microcastle and its bonus disc Weird Era Cont., is excellent.

So is frontman Bradford Cox‘s side project, Atlas Sound.
MP3: Atlas Sound- Cobwebs

Here are some top 10/25/50 lists from other sites I dig through often:

Big Stereo


Yellow Stereo

Gorilla vs Bear



One comment

  1. They seem a bit to 120 bpm. da da da da da da da da.
    This is HOT

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