The Scene

January 6, 2009

I grew up on this show. It was broadcast from WGPR channel 62 in Detroit, the first black-owned station in the country. Man I miss these old styles and these tunes.
For years I looked for a bright red pair of Stacy Adams pointy-toed shoes like one of the dancers had. Had to settle for a grey pair.
At least they matched my narrow grey leather tie.

One of my favorite albums from the 80s, on Tommy Boy Records:

MP3: Jonzun Crew-PacJam



  1. That’s not the “The Scene” I remember. Way too colorful and happy! I recall a lot of big butts bouncing and kind of a greasy feel. I love it when you call me big papa. They had the part of the show where everyone would form an line and people would take turns going down the isle of people. “After you back it up and stop/then drop, drop, drop, drop it like it’s hot” as Lil’ Wayne would say. It was definately a lot more sexy and raw than Soul Train.

    • Yeah, that’s the one. Watch the other similar clips on the right sidebar in Youtube. Some of the props included squares with shag carpet stapled to them. I love that old music. A lot of it is hard to find now. Weird how many Kraftwerk soudalikes there were then…

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