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December 15, 2008


The Macy’s/Wannamaker light show (above) and the eagle (below)

I swear I’m going to hurl if I hear one more damn Christmas “song” by Manheim Steamroller. Even that cheezy name gives me chills. They’re the only band who can take a beloved song and squeeze every last bit of soul, rhythm and melody out of it. They must’ve gotten together as a band, made a deal with the devil, and pledged to ruin everyone’s Christmas (or maybe just mine) year after year by taking each classic, layering it with tons of crappy synth, then completely cutting out the low end, leaving just a tinny scrap of a song left over. Then they noodle the hell out of it and extend it into a rock opus.
Fucking SHITE it ’tis.

For some REAL Christmas cheer check out this great article on classic and hard to find Christmas soul music (it includes downloadable tracks of each track mentioned).

Be sure to check out the last track by Clarence Carter; it’s the tune sampled by Run DMC from Christmas in Hollis. I had no idea’r.

MP3: Clarence Carter- Back Door Santa

I had no idea that Darlene Love, who sings the classic Phil Spector produced Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) played Danny Glover’s wife in Lethal Weapon!

I’ll leave you with a clip from Saturday’s SNL, which took the words right out of my mouth:
Click here for clip. I can’t embed it.



  1. Really great one…laughing about Mannheim Steamroller…and loved that Back Door Santa…never heard it…but it’s great. And the pix of the kids at those angles…precious.

    LOL. about the IL gov…great one.

  2. Hey thanks, Frank. Oldies 98 and B101 plays the same 10 songs all day. I gotta quit listening to them but I only have a Hello Kitty radio in the kitchen!

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