I Likey

November 20, 2008



The West Coast and the mountain states are still killin’ us here on the East Coast when it comes to quality of strong IPAs. I try to stay local, but how can I with this work of art?

Green Flash Brewery, a relative newcomer outta San Diego doesn’t even consider their West Coast IPA a double, but it packs a whopping 95 IBUs (international bitterness units). It’s mix of Simcoe, Centennial, Cascade and Columbus hops gives my tastebuds a thrashing- after just one my mouth tastes like I ate an entire grapefruit and chased it with a pinecone. It may not sound like it but that’s almost a good thing, at least to me, but I have to limit it to two a night- if I don’t I can’t even taste my coffee in the morning.

Green Flash also makes a less-hoppy but stronger/maltier Imperial IPA in 24 oz bottles which clocks in at 101 IBUs. I stashed a few of these in my crawlspace almost a year ago and have been itching to dig ’em out.


…and Italian steel road bikes.

I’m building up this Guerciotti steel frame into a singlespeed slowly but surely. Should have it done by 2015. And it’s costing me a LOT, even using used parts.
Maybe if I wait long enough I can forego the totally archaic chain and gear drive and get this new system.

I’ll post pics when it’s done… if I’m still around by then.



  1. Yum, yum, and YUM. Yeah the carbon fiber belt looks sweet – what would we do without the advances in materials science. I like the 8 speed “internal hub” deal too – hey you can build the bike to look like a single speed but have the advantage of 8 gears! Cool.

  2. […] better bet? As I’ve said before, you can’t beat Green Flash. Their Hop Head (pictured) or their West Coast IPA are neither […]

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