Good Luck City!

October 31, 2008

First Nutter comes from the back of the pack and wins the mayor’s race. Then we defeat frontrunner and goon John Dougherty. Finally, one of the two eyesores they call a casino bends under public pressure and agrees to moves away from the waterfront. Now this.

So I guess the title of this here site is no longer fitting. (If you are reading this in a RSS reader or something of the same, open it in a browser and check out the new BadGOODLuckCityBlog banner in honor of the Phils.)

If you didn’t venture out for the Phillies victory celebration you can relive the festivities care of CNN videos here. There are a whopping FIVE parts to the video with lots of jackasses in action. The beginning of part 2 is the most interesting; it shows footage of a group standing on top of a subway tunnel roof just as it collapses, with later footage showing the wounded being carted off strapped to gurneys.

Definitely check out the Albert’s great shots of the celebration here.

If you recognize any of the knuckleheads in action, Philly’s finest are urging you to rat them out according to Fox 29 News.

It seems EVERYONE I know will be at the parade Friday. Everyone except moi.

I guess I’m the only one who has to report to work. Hopefully I’ll get out in time for tricks and treats.


One comment

  1. I love that new banner. That makes me smile. It’s been quite a week.

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