Some Fall Tunes

October 24, 2008

So I missed the Delta Spirit show at JBs last night cuz all my lame friends had to watch the Phillies game. Oh well. It’s all for the better since I’d probably still be in bed right now.

MP3: Delta Spirit- Children

I’m “djing” a party this weekend. I’m not actually digging out my tables and amps from the crawlspace, rather, I’m bringing a laptop, iPod and powered speakers. These jams will easily get people moving after we win game 3:

MP3: Wale- Ice Cream Girl (Konrad Remix)

MP3: Pnau- We Have Tomorrow

Both tracks pilferred from The Culture of Me

MP3: Love Grenades- Tigers In The Fire

Here’s the title track from Richie Spice‘s newest LP on VP Records.
MP3: Richie Spice- Gideon Boot

Harlem: Yet another great Austin band. Are these bands actually born & raised in the capitol city, or are they migrating there in droves in order to be ground zero for SXSW? Sheesh. These guys rock a la Sebadoh in their sloppier years.
Looks like their EP free drugs;-is only available directly through them.

Thanks to Gorilla vs. Bear once again for turning me on to a great band.

MP3: Harlem- South of France
MP3: Harlem- Beautiful and Very Smart


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