October 22, 2008

Awesome photo from the awesomer MurderBurger

Happy Barfday U Slut from BalladofBob

I haven’t written in a while so I think I’m gonna put everything into this one random post.


From Hardball with Chris Matthews:

“I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out, are they pro-America or anti-America?”

You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me.

The Republican congresswoman from Minn. now claims she was “trapped” by Matthews:

“I probably should have taken a look at what the show was like … A trap was laid, but I stepped into it.”

From Colin Powell:

“We’ve got to stop this kind of nonsense and pull ourselves together and remember that our great strength is in our unity and our diversity,”

Video here

I can’t wait till election day and she goes down in flames.

I never listen to right-wing radio station WPHT The Big Talker but I thought I’d give Michael Smerconish a listen after his surprising endorsement of Obama.
This morning I heard Geno’s owner, Mr. “speak English” Joey Vento complaining about savage anarchist bicyclists on Philly’s streets. Apparently he’s now paying good money for radio spots and he’s starting a petition to rid Philly’s streets of scofflaw cyclists. Mm hmm. Biiig problem that must be dealt with ASAP. Forget about the city’s problem schools, trash, violence, traffic, homelessness, and oh yeah, non-native speakers.
Next on his list? He’s going to tackle the baggy pants epidemic.

What. A. Dick.

I’m not supposed to tell you where this was taken but I was able to check out and snap a pic of a pre-production carbon Cannondale road bike. Wanna take a guess at how much this ~56 cm bike weighs?

14 lbs.

Think of the major mayhem on Philly sidewalks you could create on this puppy!

On my iPod, Plus/Minus from Brooklyn.
MP3: Plus/Minus- Trapped Under Ice Floes (redux)



  1. That cat is AWESOME.

  2. mmmmm cheesesteaks
    Harleys suck

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