Midtown Fallfest

October 6, 2008

Good food, good beer, good friends, good weather…

Bad hangover.

I swear there was a tap every 20 yards and beer tents on every block. Mostly lagers.
I was really happy to stumble upon now local transplant Flying Dog‘s Snake Dog IPA on Apothecary‘s roofdeck overlooking 13th Street.

I thought I’d miss the Ludwig’s Garten Oktoberfest. Not anymore.

A lot of people headed over to see Springsteen at the Obama rally on the Parkway. From the little I heard it was pretty low key. Only the streetsweepers ware left when I went by again at 9 PM.

Once in a while I find a mashup that really work. This is nowhere near as good as the original but it adds new life to a classic.
MP3: Police Klaxons mashup
From Dunproofin via Mashuptown.
Thanks all you knob-twiddling teenagers!



  1. Ahhhh, look at the cute, chubby couple!!! LOL. It was a rockin’ good time! Luckily I brought my Ultra’s, heh.


  2. Hello fellow philadelphia-resident-cycling-blogger, I just happened upon your blog via google searching for the trexlertown swap.Thought I’d say Hello.

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