Opinions are like Assholes

October 1, 2008

I haven’t been writing much since I figured my readers don’t really want to hear my opinion since their 401K’s or 403B’s in the crapper. Besides, there’s just way too many others’ out there giving you advice on what to do.
Damn I can’t do it! I have to add my two cents. My thought is that this isn’t the end, that we SHOULD have all our money in our mattress, and that besides a depression, an all-out race war will form if the election is stolen from Obama by the Electoral College. But that’s just me: I always think on the extremely negative side.

On a lighter note, it was just announced that The Boss is playing a free show on the Parkway this wknd. in support of Obama. I might walk by but I probably won’t stay. Why? Not a big fan of the Bruce. Not the person, just his music. And for the life of me I can’t figure out WHY someone would WILLINGLY sit stand through an entire THREE HOUR show. WTF? Play an hour set, do two encores and get the hell off the stage so I can go home and go to bed! I know, I’m a crotchety old fart.

Here’s an email intercepted by Mark Focht, Executive Director of the Fairmount Park Commission:

As you may have already heard, earlier this evening the Obama campaign announced that Bruce Springsteen will present a free concert on the Parkway this Saturday afternoon. The plans are evolving. We believe it will be just Springsteen without his band. The stage will most likely be set up in the middle of the Parkway just west of 20th Street (about the same location from which we staged the Parkway press conference on July 17th). The stage will face the PMA. Construction of the stage will occur after Friday’s rush hour. We have heard different times for the performance – 3:30 or 4:30. We do not believe that Senators Obama or Biden will be present, however there will be some speakers. It is very difficult to anticipate how many people will attend. Springsteen is obviously a big draw and the weather is supposed to be very nice. The Obama campaign told us they expect 20,000. We anticipate it could be many more. This all is evolving very quickly. I will keep you informed and would appreciate if you would share information with members of the Foundation.

Instead I’ll be making my way to the 3rd Annual Midtown Village Fall Festival, which is another great excuse to drink in the streets.

At this point I should post a song by Bruce Springsteen, but I’m proud to say that I have not one Bruce tune in my 8,700+ song iTunes library- only this cover by the Chromatics:
MP3: Chromatics- I’m On Fire (Springsteen cover)

Here’s some other stuff I’ve been digging lately:

MP3: Chad Vangaalen- Phantom Anthills
MP3: Chad Vangaalen- Rabid Bits of Time

This Canadian homebody rarely dips his toe into the States but he made a rare appearance in NYC two weeks ago. These tracks are from his long-awaited 3rd LP on Sub Pop.

MP3: Chad Vangaalen- Willow Tree

And here is an older favorite of mine:
MP3: Chad Vadgaalen- Graveyard


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