I separate the chaff so you don’t have to

September 11, 2008

Lukestar, from Oslo Norway. LP Lake Toba released this month.
I play this song 4x in a row every day. Not sick of it yet. A new record.

MP3: Lukestar- White Shade

No, that’s not a female’s voice you hear. Male. Big male. See for yourself-

and here-

Lee “Scratch” Perry and the Upsetters from 1971’s Africa’s Blood. The title is fits.

MP3: The Upsetters- Bad Luck

Hugg & Pepp, electronic goodness from the land of Abba.
This joint’s got it’s own laugh track.

MP3: Hugg & Pepp- Mormor 12″

What’s going on in Philly besides random hammer attacks?

Well we missed Anthony B and Lutan Fyah last week! They played a place called Wall Street International at 1431 North 52nd Street last Saturday. I didn’t have the guts to bike up there in the pouring rain at 1 in the morn, as that is the usual start time for Jamaican shows.

Tarrus Riley is at the Troc this Saturday.

Hopfest 4, with a KILLER IPA lineup is performing at the Drafting Room Springhouse all day Saturday.

Do I have time to do both?
Do I have time for one more?

Here’s Delta Spirit, a San Diego band I’m digging bigtime. Their LP Ode To Sunshine is out on Rounder Records.

They also did a Daytrotter session.

MP3: Delta Spirit- Trashcan

MP3:>Delta Spirit- Strange Vine

They are on tour with our own Dr. Dog as we, er, as I type, and hitting Johnny Brenda’s October 23rd (without the Dog).
They’re playing Houston Texas tonight– hurricane be damned.


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  1. I am digging those Lukestar tunes…

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