Peg Bundy for President

September 1, 2008

You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

In a desperate attempt to lure Hillary voters, Senator McCracken chooses a running mate who, without giggling, actually touts her experience by noting that “she served as head of the PTA”.

What. The. Fuck.

It’s a joke, right? TV pundits can’t even mention her name and record without choking down a giggle.

It’s not just confusing, it’s insane. A guy whose been under the knife, what, four times? the oldest man to run for prez ever, chooses someone like this for second in command. Someone with zero qualifications.
I’m embarrassed for all women, especially the 100,000 or so who are more qualified. The only reason McCain picked her is because she fits right into the ticket:

She’s under investigation by her state legislature. Hey, who isn’t?
she has a 17 year-old pregnant daughter. Those pesky family values shouldn’t get in the way- they only apply to other people, right?
She’s in the pocket of the big oil companies. Oh sorry, I meant to say “energy“.
Her environmental record is abysmal.
Those four are enough for now but there’s plenty more.
She’s perfect!

My buddy brought up a good point- the Repubs. must’ve been praying HARD for a natural disaster to disrupt the convention. Bush and Cheney promised to stay away for “safety’s sake” but the party doesn’t want them anywhere NEAR the place.

Guys, this race is So in Obama’s pocket I almost feel sorry for those bastards. I can’t wait for the Biden/Palin debate.

Oh, before I go I’ll leave you with a quote of hers dug up by the daily kos. I’m sure there’ll be more whoppers to come.

Q: Are you offended by the phrase “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance? Why or why not?

PALIN: Not on your life. If it was good enough for the founding fathers, its good enough for me and I’ll fight in defense of our Pledge of Allegiance.

I don’t even know what to say to that… I think the only possible response is a long, drawn out pause, followed by a vigorous beating of your head against the wall.



  1. Man, that is some kind of a good analysis…and one of the craziest of the crazy picks every by that nutbag McCain.

  2. What specifically is wrong with “Under God” – apart from that it was added after the pledge was written? She actually has more experience then Obama bin Laden which wasn’t hard to do.

  3. It’s almost common knowledge that the pledge is a 20th century thing, and “under god” wasn’t added til the 50s. The founding fathers were agnostic- they wanted the church and our gov’t. as far apart as possible.

    I didn’t mention education: She’s was a B student at a rinky dink college in Utah or something. Check Obama’s education. Couldn’t be more different.

    So is McCain now gonna get the evangelical vote since she’s a Christian? Does that whole “abstinence” thing still hold water? Are we all happy that her 17 year old daughter now has to raise a child?

  4. Scary…she also wants to teach intelligent design/creationism in schools.

  5. It would be more effective to stop teaching evolution since so many scientific facts prove that macro-evolution is impossible.

    The intent of the First Amendment was well understood during the founding of our country. The First Amendment was NOT to keep religion out of government – it was to keep Government from establishing a “National Religion” like the Church of England.

    Perhaps if Sarah was home raising her children like she should have been the story would be different – however just because Bristol made a mistake doesn’t mean abstinence is no longer legitimate. Check the logic on that one!

    There are absolute truths (abstinence is good / promiscuity is bad) – watch out for moral relativism!

  6. MK – check your facts – here they are:

    Palin said during her 2006 gubernatorial campaign that she would not push the state Board of Education to add creation-based alternatives to the state’s required curriculum, or look for creationism advocates when she appointed board members. She has kept this pledge, according to the Associated Press.

    Palin has spoken in favor of classroom discussions of creationism, in some cases. “I don’t think there should be a prohibition against debate if it comes up in class. It doesn’t have to be part of the curriculum,” Palin told the Anchorage Daily News in a 2006 interview.

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