Good Luck City

August 22, 2008

It’s a good day in Philadelphia, bitches!

The good guys won. Well, almost- let’s not jinx it. The Foxwoods thugs have decided to consider alternate sites. Fingers crossed.

Foxwoods released this statement after today’s meeting with Nutter and Rendell:

Foxwoods Casino Philadelphia has delivered a world-class casino project with significant value to the City and the Commonwealth, and was awarded a license in an open competition by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board at our South Columbus Boulevard site. We have remained open to others’ responsible ideas, suggestions and concerns and have examined many alternatives to improve the value we will bring to the City and the State.

We have shared with City and State officials the obstacles that resiting would entail. Following those discussions we have agreed, in principle, to consider other alternative sites and ways that we can mutually overcome those obstacles. We are committed to continuing those discussions, while preserving our rights to the South Columbus Boulevard site.

Philly.com has the breaking news here.

It’s a good day in Philly. Now maybe the PennPraxis plan for the waterfront can go ahead as planned.


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