Worst Trip

August 14, 2008

I’m back from my nearly 1,500 mile trip to a buddy’s wedding in Michigan just in time to catch Dr. Dog at the first Rittenhouse Square concert for the year.

My good bud from college,William Quarterman II, (on the left) or BQ2 as he’s better known, finally got married. That’s not the bride with him- it’s Tank, also an old college friend. I wasn’t really in the wedding but was an usher. Got to ride in a limo for the first time in my life- can you believe that?

Good friends, good family, good weather, all around good times.

Got to spend a lot of time on farms with lots of fresh air and… corn. There’s always been a lot of corn fields but with the new govt. incentives there seems to be even more.

After the return trip yesterday I loaded the whole family of four onto the tandem and took off across the Parkway at rush hour, kinda like this guy. I just made it across and heard what I thought was a gunshot. Instead it was my front tire. I let the front brake pad rub the sidewall a little too long and got a blowout. Luckily the bike shop was open.

Some thoughts about Dr. Dog’s show:

    I should’ve known they’d be in the XPN studio during the day. I shoulda listened. Wait. Scratch that. Nothing could make me listen to XPN.

    They brought out a string AND horn section for part of the show which was cool.

    I brought some beer which I’d never tried all the way back from Michigan and as I sat drinking them in the park before the show my son managed to knock BOTH of them over with his ball, so I got a total of two sips of each. Damn kids. The pot smoke permeating the air didn’t mellow them out at all.

    I mention twice now I was stuck with kids so I had to watch the show from the side of the stage. The sound was surprisingly good and the kids ended up dancing up on stage through the entire second half of the show.

    The crowd was the biggest I’ve seen, and I’ve attended almost every Rittehouse show. There wasn’t a spot left on the grass (not a square to spare) and the standing crowd stretched almost all the way back to the corner of 18th and Walnut. HUGE.

    It’s always fun to attend a show for a hometown band because all the band-members’ families show up.

    I got to watch little bats circle the sky above the stage while listening to Dr. Dog. on a beautiful night back in Philly. Now I know why I actually get homesick for this place.

I got to meet a clean-shaven Scott McMicken.

This kid asked the entire band to autograph his bill.


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