The Beer that made Milwaukee Famous… is Back

August 5, 2008

Since Pabst Brewing Co. was extremely successful at reviving the PBR brand by making it hip, they’re going to give Schlitz a try.

Schlitz was the top-selling brand for a big part of the 20th century and #2 even until the early 70s. When it died it died quickly. It’s label has been carried on by Strohs, but this is a bit different in that they’ll be reintroducing it’s original formula.

You know what? It’s going to work. It’s even got a myspace page already.
Right now it’s only being test-marketed in some Midwest cities but it should be out East soon.

See the article here.

As I mentioned more than once, I love to see this nostalgia movement in the industry. Pabst. Reading. Iron City. Acme. National Bohemian. Ortliebs. Frankenmuth (the last two now since failed).

You know of any more?

Let’s also bring back Pfeiffer, Altes, Goebel, (three old Detroit brewers) and maybe Falstaff and Gretz.



  1. […] one last thing- you may recall when I’ve written more than once about bringing old brands back from the dead, right? Mark talked of bringing back his old favorite […]

  2. […] Beer has made its way to Philly in bottles and 16oz cans. Just another example of a resurrected beer brands. Speaking of which, what happened to Reading Beer […]

  3. Love it. Crisp with a hint of sweetness. Great summer beer.

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