Another Scorcher

August 1, 2008

This picture was taken around 11th and Poplar Streets. It could almost pass for a pasture in the country if it weren’t for the sleeping homeless man and his grocery cart!

MP3: The Tennors- Another Scorcher

I’m stuck in the city over a hot weekend again. Christ- It’s almost like I’m the only one here. On my bike ride to work this week there’s been almost no traffic on the road- it’s almost like a holiday or something. Funny how this town clears out over the summer.

If you’re stuck here with me check out Earliment at JB’s tonight, or Extra Golden, Sonic Liberation Front and Public Record there tomorrow.

Speaking of shows, Jim Boggia had another writeup in this week’s Phila. Weekly– he’s playing next Wed. Aug. 6 @ WCL. He also appeared on NBC10’s 10! show this morning.

Funny story about Jim:

I haven’t seen him perform since 1982. Yes, 1982. How is that possible? Why, he was just high school-age in 1982 you say.


Jim Boggia went to high school with me in the small town of Fenton, Michigan. He formed a band named Black Velvet (the drummer had, you guessed it, black velvet glued to his drum set). Their first gig was a performance at the Fenton Middle School talent show and then in high school they played a bunch of our Friday night dances. He was a few grades ahead of me so I forgot all about him till one day in 2000 when I was flipping through the Weekly and the name and face caught my eye. I emailed the story to my last remaining high school friends and they verified that yes, it was indeed the same Boggia and they are the ones who refreshed my memory about Black Velvet. In fact my old friend Dave Bosak has kept in touch with him on and off over the years.

Jim must be doing well if he collaborated with Big Al Anderson from NRBQ, Wayne Kramer from MC5, Pete Thomas from Elvis Costello’s Attractions, Emitt Rhodes, Jill Sobule, Julianna Hatfield, Bernadette Peters(!), David Poe and Tony Asher who co-wrote much of The Beach BoysPet Sounds.

I really ought to go see him perform again sometime. Too bad I won’t be in town.
You reckon he’s gotten a bit better after 26 years?

MP3: Jim Boggia- Let Me Believe This Lie



  1. Didn’t everone collaborate with MC5?

  2. Boggia rules! His new album comes out soon and it too is a scorcher!

  3. Black Velvet! Didn’t they evolve later into the band Cognito? With Steve Schulte and Ron Cousineau? They played at that pinball machine place in Torrey Road on Saturday nights (what was it called?) and hauled everyting to their gigs back and forth in the back seat Ron’s 1971 Monte Carlo and Steve Schulte’s mom’s station wagon.

    Good to know Boggia is doing well.

    • It was called “Spinners”.

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