Evolve Music Fest in Novia Scotia

July 24, 2008

Dave didn’t say much, he just left.

He usually takes off on his bicycle. Last year he tried for the West Coast but got as far as Missouri. This year he’s taking his tiny scooter all alone all the way up to Canada to this festival with a bunch of obscure (to us yanks) Canadian bands. He’s going mainly to see !!!, but Man Man, Mark Farina and Battles are also playing.

This is the message he left us (links his):

I’m heading to the next time zone to the east. Who knew it was there?

I will be on two 12″ wheels dumping 200cc’s of premium gasohol into a shoddy carburetor.

Antigonish or bust. Depending on time, I might hit Newfoundland and maybe even Labrador. I wonder if those dogs will be there? Or maybe those Belgium barge dogs will be there too- they are smarter than most humans.

I might also have to negotiate an extra day or two off of work.

I’ll be posting to my flickr account via my cell. Roaming charges googledruple as soon as I cross the border, so posts may be infrequent. When I have time to type it out… I’ll post my coordinates too.

Not promising anything exciting… as par for my photo stream.

Check here or add me to your rss reader. Nothing current there yet… just an old checklist. I cannot spell towel btw.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/90193248@N00/ or search flickr for tags “200cc” and “65mpg”.

I know I know… no pedal power this time. I considered bringing my BMX as my support vehicle, but it weighs 50 lbs. I do have AAA btw. You have to buy an RV level of service to cover a cycle. They lobby against public transportation. They will pick my ass up… even in Canada.

I also have a good helmet. See it being made here.

Feel free to pass on if I missed anyone or you wanna share.

Hit me on gmail if you notice that I’m going the wrong way,


Leaving Philly Wed afternoon.

DDOGG es un animal.

I hope he left that schwag homegrown at home.


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