The Big Day- Dr. Dog’s Fate is Here

July 22, 2008

Dr. Dog’s last LP We All Belong was the last ACTUAL CD I bought so it’s no surprise that I’m going to head out to AKA Records today to pick up their long-anticipated new one and hope to get the free 7″ with it.

Speaking of AKA, the guys had to cancel their in-store appearance there due to Toby getting hit in the throat. (They did a live in-store at AKA last year too).

Edit: They just postponed by a month their sold out Bowery Ballroom NYC and Brooklyn shows for this week because of Toby’s throat.

They DID however make it onto Conan last Thursday. You might not have recognized them with their dapper turn-of the-century era train engineer garb and their clean-cut facial hair.

The new album is available everywhere, and there’s even a new video on their Fate website but you have to dig to find it.

How’s it sound? Amazing. The guys still sound like the Beatles, Beach Boys and The Band but they manage to make it sound perfectly original. They’ve even cleaned up the production- they’ve moved away from the low-fi sound just a bit without managing to sound too slick. Every track is great without a clunker in the bunch. They even included the excellent From which I believe first surfaced on they’re Daytrotter session.

You can listen to the album on their myspace page.

See you at their free show in Philly August 13.

MP3: Dr. Dog- The Ark

Edit #2: Dan Deluca wrote an interesting article today on the band and their new album. Of note, we finally learn where the band resides: Toby lives in Wilmington and the rest live in West Philly- They only lived in West Chester while attending college there. The new album was recorded in their studio in Kensington. We also get more details on Toby’s neck injury- he was accidently head-butted by his wife!


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