What’s on my iPod?

July 16, 2008
Pique Nique et Jeux dans l\'Eau

Pique Nique et Jeux dans l'Eau

Zooey: This French band has a newer release but this 2005 EP Pique Nique et Jeux dans l’Eau is better than the others. It’s amazing Stereolab-like bleepy pop. Best of all? It’s free!

Get it here. You won’t be disappointed.

MP3: Zooey- You Gave Love to me Softly

Zooey on myspace


(Man I just realized I unintentionally posted TWO boobage pics in a row)

Remember Bow Wow Wow? They’re back! Not really, but this track from MrandMrsMays sounds a lot like them. They’re yet ANOTHER great act from Austin- There’s Alejandro Escovedo, Brazos, Butthole Surfers, The Octopus Project, Spoon, Voxtrot, Peel, White Denim, & Okkervil River to name a few.

MP3: MrandMrsMays- B-05

Some summertime disco house from Friend– a producer who’s stuff is so authentic you’d swear it was straight outta the 70s:

MP3: Friend- Secret

Five great tracks including a remixed Chic classic are available in high quality mp3 on Friend’s myspace page (link above)

Some summertime R&B outta Ohio- Gotta have soul in the summer:

MP3: J. Rawls and Middle Child-Til The Sun Comes

And the summer wouldn’t be complete without some roots reggae:

MP3: Luciano- Youth Dem Dangerous on the Genesis Riddim

Speaking of reggae, The great roots rock family band Morgan Heritage are making a rare appearance at the Trocadero this Saturday, July 19. The last time they were here was at the Bob Marley People’s Festival in Wilmington four or so years ago. Bob lived in Wilmington off and on in the late 60s. No word on this year’s lineup.

While I’m on the subject of shows I gotta mention a few others- My bro-in-law is a big live music fan but I swear, every time he visits there just happens to be no good live shows. He’s coming this Thursday and yet again it’s a slow night. If he’d have come the previous or latter five days we’d have a plethora of choices:
The aformentioned Morgan Heritage show or the Black Dice at the Barbary on Saturday; Andy Rourke from the Smiths(!) at the Khyber; Jay Reatard this past Monday; The Dodos was tonight before they cancelled (damn); The Prairie Spies at the Khyber next Wednesday. It’s not that much but this is the summer.

Looks like the only choice we have is to see Blktop and Bing Ji Ling at Johnny Brenda’s. Bing Ji Ling does a soulified version of AC/DC‘s You Shook Me All Night Long. Should be interesting.



  1. Some good shit.
    Just found this band – ever heard of them?

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