Smoking Popes, John Legend and Estelle; In Philly for the 4th

July 7, 2008

Got wet more than once over the holiday weekend.

Friends went to see the recently reunited Chicago band Smoking Popes at Johnny Brenda’s so the wife and I tagged along. I knew the name but didn’t think I knew any of their stuff. She was pleasantly surprised when they played “I Know You Love Me”, an old tune from the first mixtape I made her when we were first dating.

When I got home I dug up the CD that contained the song- it’s from a freebie compilation CD which CMJ included with their magazine each month. I still have every CD from the magazine from 1995 to 2001.

I’m listening to a few of them today and out of the many clunkers from has-been bands, there are a few nice tracks. I uploaded a few of them so take a listen (below).

I also braved the crowds and the rain (and the trash) to see John Legend at the Art Museum. I was VERY pleased when he brought Estelle out on the stage. She not only did a duet but performed a few of her own tracks (including Come Over below) from her amazing second album Shine, executive produced by John Legend. Nice.

MP3: Estelle- Come Over

MP3: Smoking Popes- I know You Love Me
From their 1997 LP Destination Failure

MP3: Smoking Popes- Need You Around

Link from Instrumental Analysis

Some other interesting tracks from the CMJ comps:

MP3: Dream Warriors- California Dreamin’

An old favorite from the 1995 LP Subliminal Simulation

MP3: Menthol- USA Capable

From their 1995 self-titled LP


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