Dogfishhead Brewpub in Rehoboth Beach

May 27, 2008

Wow, what great weather for Memorial Day weekend!
The Flaming Lips show must’ve been amazing. Cory? MK? How was it?
I used to always hit the Penn’s Landing fest and it was almost always cold, windy and rainy. More than one year it was almost completely cancelled. One time way back we ended up seeing Maceo Parker in a small tent with only about 100 people in the driving rain. Cheap Trick were the headliners that year and never even played. It ended up being one of the most fun shows I ever saw. Behold, the wonders of alcohol!

Anyway, I was down in Rehoboth Beach for the first time in my life. Nice place. It was a mix of conservative shoes and haircuts on the lesbian side and sharp clothes and perfect haircuts in the gay male camp.

The main Dogfishhead brewery is in nearby Milton, DE and their brewpub is right downtown Rehoboth. My motel was just up the street so I made a beeline for the place when I found out they had Randall the Enamal Animal set up (pictured). Randall is a three-foot-long plastic cylinder filled with a half a pound of fresh leaf hops that they hook up to the beer line and run 90 Minute IPA through it. It’s only brought out for Friday happy hour so of course I ordered one with giddy anticipation.
Guess what I got instead? I friggin 60 Minute IPA with no extra hops. I drove 3 hours for a 60 Minute IPA.

No big deal- it’s not that this happens often, right? WRONG. I’ve complained before about bars not updating their chalkboard tap list, but I’ve yet to complain about this VERY common occurrence: A server brings me a very obviously wrong beer, and when I kindly bring this to his her attention, they argue with me. Does this happen to you? It happened to me at the Standard Tap last fall. That Jack Black-looking smart-alec server brought me a Troeg’s Nut Brown when I ordered some other IPA. “I even saw it come out of the tap” was his final remark, as if the tap handles couldn’t possibly be swapped. Just two weeks ago at Rembrandts they were serving Rowhouse Red to everyone who ordered a Yards Philly Pale. And it’s not that I’m nitpicking about two similar beers- even the COLOR of these two beers are very different.

So mistakes are made and I respect these fine establishments… and really, I didn’t make a fuss, but when the manager at Dogfishhead came by each table to ask if everything was OK, I brought it up. He poured one himself and it was definitely a hop-infused 90 Minute. Hell, I could tell from across the room. “On the house” he said apologetically. So my wife ordered another one too, only this time the server got it for her. Guess what she got? Yup. A plain-old 60 Minute again, and it wasn’t a mixup since it was listed on our check as a “Randall 90 Minute”. We didn’t say anything cuz one can only argue so much without sounding like a dick.

There wasn’t really anything exciting on tap except maybe the Black and Blue, and I just missed their Burton Baton, but they had almost the entire lineup. Their gift shop had lots of cool stuff so I picked up some apparel. They even had their own custom-made kids’ placemat. I’ll definitely be back but I”m gonna keep an eye on ’em!



  1. Noting that I was a bit fuzzy during the gig after being at Tir Na Nog at noon for the Heineken Cup Championship and over-celebrating with the Irish for a great Munster win, I found that the show was not up to par with a lot of the FLips shows that I have been to. I did enjoy the “Song Remains the Same” cover, trio of naked girls (http://www.phawker.com/2008/05/25/we-know-its-only-rock-n-roll-but-we-like-it-80/),
    and the normal antics but maybe that venue brings me down. It was filthy with garbage and well, I was drunk.

  2. Matt – You sucked at that maze on the placemat – get your kids to help.

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