What’s on my iPod?

May 22, 2008

Tunes I’m digging at the moment…

Deerhunter/Atlas Sound/Black Lips colab. by the name of Ghetto Cross:

MP3: Ghetto Cross- Dog Years

They have an EP out June 3 and a full length due in September. Here’s The Radio Dept. Beautiful music from Sweden.

MP3: The Radio Dept.- Pulling Our Weight

ELEVEN YEARS. That’s how long it’s been since a proper Portishead album has been released. Their third lp by the same name was released in April. I didn’t think I’d care, and honestly after the first listen I wasn’t all that impressed. But I tell you what- get the entire album and wait till you get to the last 3 or 4 tracks. Awesome, stoney stuff. It was worth the wait.

MP3: Portishead- We Carry On

I’ve been finding a LOT of great techno out of Brazil lately… actually, I’ve noticed a huge reggae community down there also. Must be the new hotspot. Anyway, Database are a remix team from São Paulo creating amazing remixes. Especially good are these two from fellow Brazilians Jo Mistinguett and Madame Mim.

MP3: Jo Mistinguett -Personal Fuck (Database Happy remix)

MP3: Madame Mim- Electric Kool-Aid (Database remix)

Sorry- no preview available. Just download them. Trust me.
(Thanks to BigStereo.net for turning me on)


One comment

  1. PS – Have you played on a Serato Scratch Live? All the joys of vinyl – without the weight and cost. It’s amazing. I was pretty staunchly against the digital age, but the Scratch Live has converted us. It’s pretty flawless…

    At the Studio were: Frank Bretschnieder and Byetone (Olaf Bender) & then of course John Schenk who was paroed! It was a fantastic small crowd though. Dancing sans shoes was LOVELY! Even the toilet stayed sock-friendly.

    I think this was the first gig at the studio – hence the new floors and socks. It was a rizumu night.

    Ahhh Portishead. I saw a picture of Beth and I didn’t realize how old she was! It threw me. I guess I’m getting old too. I started listening to Portishead when I was 15.

    Thanks for posting the radio dept. It’s wonderful stuff.

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