The Trammps: Philly’s own

April 25, 2008

You’re probably too young to remember the whole Saturday Night Fever/ Disco fad, but in the late ’70s disco was EVERYWHERE. It even infiltrated every American’s record collection, which till then consisted mainly of classic arena rock. Frampton Comes Alive came off the turntable and the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack took it’s place… at least for a while.

Most of you know that said soundtrack featured the Bee Gees, but the very last track, and arguably the BEST track of the lot was by Philly own The Trammps.

The Trammps released their first album in 1972 and were one of America’s first disco bands. They hit it big with the aforementioned Grammy-winning soundtrack in 1977 and some of the original members are touring to this day.

John Hart Jr., the original keyboard player, attended West Philadelphia High School and remained in Philly until 1978 when he moved to New Orleans. He moved back to West Philly in 1986.

John Hart Jr. died last week at the age of 67. Read his obituary here.

Burn baby Burn.

[Audio http://babyfresh95.free.fr/MCR/msc/The%20Trammps%20-%20Rubber%20Band.mp3%5D
The Trammps- Rubber Band MP3
Not a hit but a great song.


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