Election Day in Philly

April 22, 2008

The ballot at my local polling place

This was taken this morning around the corner from my house.
The guy on the left is a volunteer who works every election. He was there when the polls opened and he’ll be there when they close late tonight.

I cast my ballat but I’m nervous. Nervous that Johnny Rotten is going to become my State Senator. Why? Take a look (below) at the official Democratic sample ballot the volunteers hand out to every voter on the way to the booth. Yep. Dougherty‘s name is on there. We’ll have to keep a close eye on the polls at closing time. Fingers crossed.

It sure was an exciting three weeks. It almost makes me, gasp, PROUD of my country. Did I just type that? I got to see Chelsea in person last week and was really impressed with her, and the next day I attended the Obama rally in Philly with 35,000 others. By the way, The very lucky Frank has a great story (and video) about the rally over at his site. Definitely take a look.
He also made the front page of Sunday’s Inquirer.

On Saturday my 4 year old and I took the train to central PA. Our train was just ahead of Obama’s so at each we were met with throngs of cheering and waving Obama supporters. My daughter asked, “are those people waiting for that guy who is running away?” (I told her he was running for President).

Finally, if you encounter any polling place shenanigans today Albert has links on where to report them.



  1. Woooohooooo! He didn’t win. I almost voted Farnese as a block vote, but I went with my heart and voted Dicker and they still beat the sleazeball! Dougherty had so many paid people at the polls. I walked past 10+ polling places yesterday and he had 15+ paid people at a few of them. (I spotted one girl with a toy poodle doing circles around a polling block. She looked bored out of her mind, the dog had a Dougherty shirt on. He must have spent so much money…) Oddly, there were no Dicker or Farnese signs on most of the polling places that weren’t located in Queen Village, Bella Vista, or Society Hill. Hmmmm… Would Dougherty’s paid workers rip them down? A union boss? No!

    I did see an awesome sight at one of the polling places. A bunch of African Americans (in Hawthorne) were getting paid to sit outside with Dougherty shirts on and another guy rolled up in a van and started to talk with them about “selling out” and Dougherty’s past. A saw two take off their shirts. =)

    I’m really happy I don’t have to hear Dougherty’s trucks going up and down the Italian Markets 20 times a day. I got to feel like I was living in 1984 or something.

  2. Who is that handsome guy?

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