Please Do NOT Vote for this Guy

April 16, 2008

So the sun once again shone on Philadelphia. We elected a super mayor. Vince Fumo, the popular but unethical State Senator, decides not to run again due to “health reasons and, oh yeah, a federal fraud investigation.

Awesome. Things are looking great. Come election day we vote for a “change” and elect an honest Senator. Easy. Problem is, the guy who will most likely take his seat is more corrupt than his predecessor.

John Dougherty has a rap sheet longer than a roll of toilet paper. Here’s just a short list of his offenses:

His best friend and partner in crime, Donald “Gus” Dougherty, plans to plead guilty to 98 of 100 federal criminal charges. These include committing tax fraud, bribing a banker, and hiding $869,599 he owed Local 98’s employee benefits fund. More here.

You also may have heard of his other buddy. Fellow Electricians Local 98 and City Council member Rick Mariano. He’s still in jail for bribery.

There’s another big “indiscretion” of his that has also been making the news lately. It’s his stay at a waterfront condo while his home was being renovated and whether he truthfully reported it. The feds are also looking into this case. Big deal? Well, the kicker is that the OWNER of the condo ALSO has a large stake in Foxwoods Casino in South Philly. Ironically, Dougherty heads the Pennsport Civic Association who’s members OPPOSE the casinos. No, that’s not slimy.

According to today’s article in the Inquirer, few insiders will go on record (primarily because they’re afraid of him and his hired goons) but many label him as a ruthless thug. One guy who WILL go on record is Sam Katz. I know I know, he’s a Repub. but I always respected the guy. From the article:

…for Katz, nothing would be more dangerous to the nascent reform movement in Philadelphia than “having in 2008 an elected official named John Dougherty.”

Katz, one of the few critics willing to speak on the record, recalled that during his 1999 and 2003 races against Street, electricians union members had shadowed him and his family, intimidating them and his supporters.

“I understand politics is a pretty rough sport,” he said, “but there were no limits to what they would say. . . . John would rather win an argument with a fist than with an idea, and he doesn’t have any ideas.”

The WORST thing about this jackass? He supported Rick Santorum’s reelection bid in 2006.

He has also picked up the majority of endorsements from city unions and public officials and he’s way ahead in the polls. A LOT of people actually like this guy. My kids’ school is even hosting a wine and cheese meet and greet with him tomorrow night. Wanna come heckle him with me?

Larry Farnese
Anne Dicker

Either of his two opponents have solid platforms but we can’t split our vote. Farnese is the stronger candidate and is in favor of stopping the current casino locations.

John Dougherty is a thug yet he’s running for public office.

A vote for him is a vote for the same old corruption and “politics as usual” in Pennsylvania.



  1. He’s so sleazy. I thought Philly was progressing. He’s a scary backslide. I read in the paper that he was up in the polls. It’s shocking to me. Do you ready Philly Turkey? This is brilliant:


    I was walking around Pennsport tonight with a few dogs and every window was adorned with his poster. (Farnese really needs to up the window signage!) I went to Dougherty’s website and his “Issues” were: Job Creation (read: Casinos) City Infrastructure (AKA Union Jobs), and Crime. Not that those aren’t worthy issues – but there’s more to the city than that. He just seems like a slimy South Philly guy. (and I love South Philly.)

  2. […] cast my ballat but I’m nervous. Nervous that Johnny Rotten is going to become my State Senator. Why? Take a look (below) at the official […]

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