What’s On My iPod

April 15, 2008

A lot of TECHNO, really.

Classic Detroit techno from Juan Adkins AKA Cybotron AKA Model 500. This is the shit I grew up on. The Electrifying Mojo (an eccentric Detroit radio DJ from the 80s) mixed this stuff with 10 minute versions of Kraftwerk and early, and I mean EARLY Prince.
Ddog is just now delving into this genre and he’s loving it.

Model 500- Nightdrive (thru Babylon) (click to download MP3)

[Audio http://electricdog.tv/muziq/2005/mixes/disintegration/ice/09_Model%20500%20-%20Night%20Drive%20%28Thru%20Babylon%29.mp3%5D

Since I mentioned Mojo you gotta take a listen to one of his show intros. Can’t believe the stuff people post on the net:

The Electrifying Mojo radio show

[Audio http://blogfiles.wfmu.org/DY/electrifying_mojo_halloween_rap.mp3%5D

I don’t know much about them, but this is a killer track from The Touch courtesy of Palms Out Sounds.

The Touch- Le Night Dominator (DJ Assault Remix)

[Audio http://palmsout.net/music/Le%20Night%20Dominator%20(DJ%20Assault%20Remix).mp3]

This is definitely NOT techno but it’s on constant rotation- it’s Northern California’s Port O’Brien.

Port O’Brien- I Woke Up Today from The Wind and the Swell in 2007.

[Audio http://gramotunes.com/I_Woke_Up_Today.mp3%5D

Port O Brien – Close The Lid from All We Could Do Was Sing due out May 13.

[Audio http://www.hearya.com/mp3/10%20Close%20the%20Lid.mp3%5D

And what would this post be without some reggae? From the Full Attention riddim, Here’s lover’s rock singer Pam Hall.

Pam Hall- Hold it down

[Audio http://www.swarthmore.edu/NatSci/mpowell1/doon/pam_hall-hold_it_down.mp3%5D


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