This Was Supposed to be Finished by Easter

April 11, 2008

Man I’ve been slacking on the blog lately, and there’s been so many things I want to share bitch about.

This is the reason: I’ve been working on my turning my basement into a den slash shop slash home theatre slash playroom. I started the project in like, September? October?. Maybe even August.

The reason it’s taking so long? I’m doing it all myself. All of it. Well, not entirely by myself- my Dad helps me when he’s in town but it’s a 12 hour drive so he ain’t around too often.

This is an early picture. I, er, WE moved all of the water, gas and HVAC lines that ran across the middle of the room. Then I framed it. We finished the wiring this weekend. It’s gonna be pretty sweet, even though it’s pretty small. The other reason it’s taking so long is that I didn’t do any research before I started. Not that it woulda speeded things up much, but I’m trying to figure things out as I work. NOT a smart way to do a project. No drawings, no idea.

Hey Son. Where do you want the lights?”
“Um, damn. That’s a great question.”

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to hack some Ikea shelves for the entertainment center. In my last house I made them all from scratch and that took half a year itself. (picture below) I’m also trying to read up on Z-Wave RF wireless dimmer wall switches which are supposed to work with Harmony universal remotes. THAT should be cool. If ANYONE can help me out I’d mucho gracos. Online text support is a impossible when trying to describe something beyond a simple one sentence question.

Anyway, bear with me. When I’m finished I’ll post before and after pictures….

By December. I promise.


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