Philly-wide Cleanup This Weekend

April 2, 2008

Philly Cleanup
This should temporarily fix our trash problem. All of the neighborhood associations are getting together to clean the entire city this Saturday, April 5.

If you live in Philly, get up early and join us!

You can do a little on your own, like sweeping the space in front of your house (but that includes picking it up with a dustpan- so many of my neighbors think that sweeping a pile into the curb and leaving it is good enough! My old crazy neighbor used to just sweep it onto my side of the sidewalk every day and thought nothing of it when I brought it up).

Or you can help your neighborhood association. They’ll be up bright and early, mainly cleaning empty lots.
A group from the Fairmount CDC will be cleaning up around the Lincoln statue at the corner of Kelly and Sedgeley Drives.

My neighborhood association (Francisville Neighborhood Development Corp.) is led by a spitfire named Penny Giles. She has actually rallied neighbors in my ‘hood to clean EVERY Saturday in the months of March and April. She’d be happy happy to have you join us.

Don’t tell Penny but I may have to sneak off to Fishtown/Kensington where the “new” Philadelphia Brewing Company will be providing free dogs and beer to all volunteers. Nice.

To locate your neighborhood association, check here or call (215) 683-CLEAN

Gloves and tools will be provided.



  1. Thanks for sharing your Francisville spirit. So you’ll be abandoning ship this Saturday for free beer and dogs elsewhere. That is really encouraging.

    Again, thanks for sharing.

  2. No No, I won’t be bailing. I’ll be there with my whole family.

  3. Nice poster. I’m passing it along to a friend at a local community center in Michigan. Its so much fun.


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