A Great day for Pennsylvania

March 12, 2008

I’ve been horizontal for three days- the entire family has the flu AND a bad cold. What a great way to celebrate Philly Beer week.

But things ARE looking up.

First we booted Santorum. Then Street finally got lost. Now it’s Fumo‘s turn. That’s right. Fumo’s outta here. Mind you, it would’ve been better if he got out on my terms (felony conviction or at least voted out) but it looked as though he would’ve won another Senate term anyway, even after all the illegal things he did with our tax dollars.

Check the whopping 272 page indictment against him here and here. Here’s another summary.

See ya later jackass.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention another politician who went down in flames– New York Governor Spitzer.
My bro-in-law said it best:
“Finally. A GOP Leader having HETEROSEXUAL relations as his scandal. I was beginning to worry about them!




  1. Umm….yeah the only problem with your brother-in-law’s comment was that he got it wrong. Spitzer is a Democrat, not a Republican.

    I guess neither of you are really paying close enough attention. Too bad you didn’t check this before writing it either.

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