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March 4, 2008

A Passing Feeling we Might Not Sleep At All this Year
A Passing Feeling

From yet another Brooklyn band. Jeesh. From their November album We Might Not Sleep At All This Year on 75 or Less Records

A Passing Feeling- Red/Gold (click to download MP3)

[Audio http://www.75orlessrecords.com/media/audio/A%20Passing%20Feeling%20-%20Red%20Gold.mp3%5D

A Passing Feeling- Broken Bones MP3

[Audio http://www.box.net/shared/static/apdipr3wc0.mp3%5D

We Were The States, from of all places, Murfreesboro, TN. Look for ’em at SXSW next week.

We Were The States- Up Your Sleeve MP3

[Audio http://www.bbqchickenrobot.com/music/UpYourSleeve.mp3%5D

Next up in a long line of indie dance pop outfits is a another NY act (probably Brooklyn) The Virgins

The Virgins- Tequila Alley MP3

[Audio http://all-things-go.net/ATG/the_virgins/Tequila_Alley.mp3%5D

The Virgins- Rich Girls MP3

[Audio http://all-things-go.net/ATG/the_virgins/Rich_Girls.mp3%5D

Simian Mobile disco
For less indie and more dance, check out the UK’s Simian Mobile Disco and their solid LP Attack Decay Sustain Release. They also do quite a lot of remix work for other outfits.
They’re playing SXSW and touring the States right now, but unfortunately, skipping Philly.

Simian Mobile Disco- Hustler MP3

[Audio http://neileslifestorage.com/Please_Purchase/04%20-%20Simian%20Mobile%20Disco%20-%20Hustler.mp3%5D

What, no reggae? Sorry. All the latest riddims are a bit on the sappy side- nothing really rootsy. Maybe next week.


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