Philly Beer Week haps

February 29, 2008

Philly Beer Week
I didn’t mention the first annual Philly Beer Week: because all the other beer bloggers covered the hell out of it. But I guess most of my readers (all 2 of them) don’t read any beer blogs, so here’s the scoop. It’s actually a week and a half, there’s at least 4 events every one of those days, and all sound great.

The big question is, will I be allowed to attend any of them? If I attend a beer-tasting event on a sunday afternoon then my whole day is shot because this lightweight is hammered after 4 samples. If I COULD, here’s my pick for the most interesting happs:

Friday March 7: Joe Sixpack will be hosting an event at the new Marketplace at East Falls. My buddy Porter is going to this one…

Saturday March 8: In Persuit of Ale will be hosting a beer run to the Dock Street Brewery in West Philly. Can I just ride my bike, or is that cheating?

Sunday March 9: This is the big boy- the Brewer’s Plate at the Constitution Center.

Monday March 10: In Persuit of Ale‘s ultimate beer trivia contest @ Triumph Brewing Company. This would be your chance to meet the hotties from IPA without feeling creepy.

Thursday March 13: Philly Beer Geek beer trivia finals @ Johnny Brenda’s. It’s the final culmination of a week’s worth of trivia contests held throughout the area. Should be fun. Earlier that day is a pilsner gala hosted by Lew Bryson at the Triumph Brewery in Old City.

Sunday March 16: I think if I had to pick ONE event, this would be it. The Real Ale Cask event at the Triumph Brewing Co. in Old City.

The brewlounge blog calendar of events is supposed to be more comprehensive than the official Beer Week site, but the site seems to be down at the moment.
There’s also a calendar over at the BeerYard site.

This week’s City Paper also has spread on Philly beer.

So that’s what I’d do. I’ll probably only make it to a few of these, so if you plan to hit any of the events, drop me a line and twist my arm!


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