Snow Job

February 22, 2008

sledding in the hood

I think it was 6ABC who flashed the phrase “STORM WARNING” in large letters across the TV screen this morning.

People, I know you get sick of us Northerners whining about your wimpiness toward snow, but this is just winter precipitation. It is not “dangerous.” Isn’t a warning supposed to warn viewers to take immediate cover? I know it’s not you dear readers, it’s the media and its sensationalization and constant race for ratings, but man, it gets worse every year.

SNOW does not equal STORM, OK?

I have to admit though, that ice “storm” we had last Tuesday WAS pretty bad. I was driving on I-95 in the thick of it and witnessed more than one actual crash. Ice with freezing water on top of it on the highway is much different than snow covered streets like we have today. You do NOT need to drive your four wheel drive SUV 5 miles an hour.

Ok, enough bitching.

I finally got the opportunity to take my kids out sledding. It’s funny how any tiny bump can be turned into a great sledding hill. They had a blast in the empty lot on the corner. “just stay away from that broken 40, honey. And put that needle down. Its dirty!” Just a bit different than my childhood in the sticks.

My fondest childhood snow memory? I was telling ddog about it on the train this morn:

My parents had a large group of friends who were all quite young when they had us kids, so they were still partying pretty hard when I was young. They all lived 5 or so miles apart and there wasn’t really any subdivisions around in my area of Michigan back then.
They all had at least two snowmobiles so they’d all get together late at night and snowmobile from house to house through the fields and woods. When they reached a friend’s house they’d go in for beer and coffee and Boonesfarm, rally the friends to throw on their snowmobile suits and boots, fire up the sleds and join the posse. By the end of the night they’d have a group of 20 or more and they’d have travelled up to 40 miles. The kids would sometime all be left at one of the houses for a huge sleepover, or they would pack 4 or 5 of us in one of these trailer thingys. (below)

Damn, that was good times.
snow kat


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  1. I like her Tinkerbell hat. My daughter has one, too.

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