Sony finally gets revenge for Betamax

February 19, 2008

HD DVD is dead

I listen to the Engadget HD podcast every week and for the past year or so, the topic that takes up 90% of airtime is the format war. I have no idea how many hours of my life I’ve wasted reading forum and blog comments of fanboys on both sides argue their side of the war.
Engadget and the HTguys tried to remain neutral, and they all predicted that the war would rage well into 2009, but it is now official.

HD DVD is dead. It was even on the front page of today’s Philadelphia Inquirer.

They said the first real indication was during CES, when Warner studios announced they were going exclusively blu.

Am I happy? Quite. Why? Don’t laugh, but one of the big reasons is because Mr. Evil himself, Bill Gates, chose the red side, and I’ll choose whichever side he’s NOT on. I know I know, he’s not so evil now, with he and his wife’s charity work, but I like to hold grudges.

In any case, it’ll all be old news in a few years, since really, spinning disks are about to go the way of reel to reel tape. That’s right. This might be the end of optical media as we know it. In my lifetime I’ve seen the evolution happen: vinyl, reel to reel, 8 track, cassette, VHS, Cd, DVD, Blu Ray, and now…. data transfers done wirelessly and stored on solid state memory.

AppleTV and iTunes, Netflix, Yahoo, Comcast, Vudu and others are all trying to be the next big supplier of digital media.

The obvious question is, who will win the NEXT war?

EngadgetHD’s take on the format war, with naturally, lots of arguments from both sides


One comment

  1. FYI this was Eric’s witty headline from an email earlier today. Matty ripped it. I am the DRM. Props to Eric, yo.

    Boo HDDVD. You could have at least made better commercials… as if you had a budget. Yay 50 gig storage bluray.

    Let’s see a drop in price now.

    Remember that iomega syquest war? I ❤ my transparent EZ-Quest 135 drive. Sadly I needed a Jaz for school.

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