MGMT & Yeasayer @ Johnny Brenda’s

February 18, 2008

MGMT pedals

I had a couple extry tix to the sold out show Friday night at JBs so I jumped on Craigslist to unload them. To my surprise there was post after post begging for tickets. “help a brother out!” one pleaded.

MGMT are gonna be big. Almost every post mentioned MGMT first, even though Yeasayer were the headliner.

Need more evidence? I happened to follow two of the members of Yeasayer into the venue and we all went straight to the merch table. My friend mentioned that she liked the Yeasayer tshirt best even though they weren’t the band we were interested in. The Yeasayer member, pointing to his band’s shirt, turned to me and said, “this is the better shirt, but this is the better band.” That summed it up well.

Yeasayer actually put on quite a good live show, but MGMT got the songs, man.

Yeasayer happened to tape the Conan O’brien show earlier in the day, so when I got home I got to see their appearance before hitting the sack. Pretty cool.

MGMT at Johnny Brendas, PhillyMGMT lead singermgmt lead singer

Yeasayer at Johnny Brendas


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  1. […] “MGMT lead singer“: 3rd most popular search term that that brings traffic to this site (that sophomore album is gonna be huge…. unless it sucks). […]

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